101 Deficiencies-BOOK

101 Deficiencies Which Lead to the Demise of a Healthcare Organization is a guide to running a healthy and structured business, how to recognize deficiencies within the managerial system and prevent a healthcare organization’s downfall financially, socially and politically. 


In the current competitive business environment, it is crucial for organizations to consider financial, management, employee related, legal, social, technological and ethical issues which affect the success of a business. For an organization to compete competitively it must continuously adapt to frequent changes. The capability to manage organizational change caused by external factors will result in change of operations. An organizational cycle comprises of four phases: start up, growth, maturity and decline. A business begins as an idea and finally grows to become a well-established organization. As the business expands, more resources are distributed to assist in decision making process and ensure the growth of the organization. At the maturity phase the business starts to decline unless it diversifies its operation strategy to meet existing market opportunities. Development of modern technology, resistance to change, and competition can result in the demise of an organization.

Organizational death has been linked with low productivity and motivation among employees. Job security is a key factor that motivates employees. Organizations have changed their operation principles where employees predict career growth for their commitment towards achieving organizational goals. Demotivated employees are less productive thus leading an organization to incur financial loss. The closure of an organization negatively affects all stakeholders.

The greatest deficiency that is seen in the demise of an organization clearly lays in people and their abilities to solve problems, lead and communicate. This is just the tip of the iceberg and once one digs deeper the deficiencies can be pinpointed and resolved, but to achieve this one must step back and take a critical look at the organization and be honest. To find the 101 deficiencies that can lead to a demise of organisation one needs to open one’s eyes and face the facts.

Organizations should hire competent managers and employees who will help in making the right decisions for the organization.