Eating less is all about quantity. Weight loss is above all a metabolism problem related to your hormonal and genetic make-up. ⦁ Exercising is the best way to stabilize your weight, but if you want to lose a pound of fat, you’ll have to run the equivalent of a marathon! ⦁ What should we restrict from our diet? There are 3 types of foods that affect your weight: 1. Foods that make you gain weight. Like pastries, pizza, French fries etc. 2. Foods that do not make you gain weight. We can consume these types of food as often as we would like without worrying about gaining weight, spinach,cucumber, lettuce, celery etc. 3. Food that can prevent you from losing weight. An apple or whole wheat bread is very nutritious but they can prevent you from losing weight. Because, our bodies chronologically burn carbohydrates/sugars before fats. If you restrict daily consumption of sugars and fats, your body will be forced to turn to its other resources for energy, fat, and muscle. Muscle is the engine that burns calories. And if you have less muscle, you’ll burn fewer calories and store more fat. The solution is to restrict your daily consumption of simple and complex sugars and fats but consume high biological protein at the same time to prevent muscle loss.