Either you are getting ready for any concert, or you are going to attend any gala function this winter 2017-2018, the most suited and ravishing look is stored with the ravishing and bold Smokey eyes. Ladies are found concerned about their eye makeup and usually spend a lot of time in it so they can create some dramatic and classical looks. Smokey makeup adds a bit of sophistication and drama to your charismatic personality, and you stand out different from others. All thanks to this dazzling makeover!!! It is perfect for the cold weather with bold colors and hues.

But before going to put the Smokey shades on your eyes, consider few points that whether you are going to attend a day event or the evening one. I would suggest that this dark palate of the makeover is better for an evening function as it could make a dramatic look with a darker tone of lip shade and can completely dazzle the overall look. So to add charisma to your personality always go for the Smokey makeover for your evening/night events and with it go for a darker shade of lip color i.e. reds, maroons to create a bold and ravishing look on the whole.

There are two types of Smokey makeovers i.e. the regular one and the classic one.  Starting the context with the regular one, firstly choose your colors. Start with the lightest shades i.e. beige, skins, light browns, peachy tones to highlight your brow bone. Once you are done with it, apply the shade of off-white to a somewhat white family to color your socket. After applying light shades to create a wider look for your eye, go for the darker tones. Take a dark shade, not always the black, rather you can select dark browns or gray and with this color add a definition to towards the end of your eye. Moving from the corner, apply the darker shades towards the middle of socket and brow bone. Take a brush and now start blending the two tones of color to create a sublime look. Finish your looks by applying mascara and eyeliner and make a perfect combo with a maroon and red lip color. Dear lady!!! You are ready with your classy eye makeup now apply foundation and complete your overall makeup, and you are ready to rock the event with your looks.                                

The second form of Smokey makeover is the classic Smokey eyes. It is the makeover where use almost the darker tones of color from the palate and creates a darker look to make your eyes a prominent feature of your face. In this reference, firstly highlight your socket and brow bone with the mid-toned shades i.e. peachy shades. Then take some darkest of shades on the brush and start applying in a C shape from the brow bone and the corner of your eye. Take this shade to the middle of the socket. Blend it thoroughly to create the smooth look. If one desires, one can add some shimmery shadow to create some extra glow on the eye. Apply mascara and eyeliner to add more definition, and one can also apply dramatic lashes which can make you look a class apart. Complete your look by applying foundation, blusher, and at last apply a dark toned lip color and you are done with your dazzling and ever appealing looks.