27 Stock Market Investing PEARLS

  1. Have realistic expectations 2. Do not fall in love with a company stock 3. Buy best of the breed 4. Don’t Speculate on company with Bad Fundamental 5. Do not subsidize losers with winners 6. Don’t believe everything you hear from analyzer 7. Do thorough research on your stock picks 8. Invest alongside great leaders. Sudden resigning of an executive means considers selling that stock 9. High quality company stock usually represents value 10. Watch the Bond market closely 11. Beware of Promotions 12. Avoid the herd mentality 13. Take informed decision 14. Invest in business you understand and have time to research and follow 15. Don’t try to time the market 16. Follow a disciplined investment approach and Monitor rigorously 17. Do not let emotions cloud your judgement 18. Diversify portfolio 19. Always invest your surplus and retirement money. 20. Don’t Buy All at Once 21. It’s OK to take profit intermittently and Pay the Taxes 22. Buy bitten Stocks, Not demised Companies 23. Expect, Don’t Fear Corrections. Beware of a Bull Market 24. Beware of Wall Street Hype, Speculative hype. 25. Make the most of your workplace retirement plan. Invest in an IRA 26. Diversify into dividend stocks 27. Buy and hold good quality stocks.