Top 5 French Women Fashion Rules To Follow For Optimal Style

The French women are known for their eye-catching beauty and unwatchable fashion sense. Let’s admit, the people in France do not take their fashion lightly which is why they are always dressed to perfection even on the laziest days of the year. Their effortlessly chic look of French women has attracted a lot of attention from all around the globe. So, here we are with the top fashion rules that French women adhere to, for looking polished and trendy at all times.

#1 Don’t Go Over Board With Heels:

Heels are all good but if you think that wearing heels like Lady Gaga will make you look effortlessly chic then you might want to think again. French women love their heels but they make sure they are not going overboard with their heel obsession. They like to stick to small block heels or kitten heels for everyday wear to look classy, no matter what occasion or event they are attending.

#2 Show Off Some Skin:

French women don’t let go of any chance to show off their skin. They are blessed with gorgeous skin and the simple skincare routine they follow makes their skin look fresh and clean. French women skip long legged bottoms and stick to miniskirts and shorts to show off their gorgeous legs. When paired with nude heels, their legs look long and sultry without overdoing it.

#3 Flashy Logos Are Trashy:

Yes, everyone loves to wear the big labels but you don’t really need to beat the bush about it by flashing the logo at everyone’s face. French women know that it is all about high-end fashion but not flashing labels on the street. To be honest it looks more trashy than classy. Go for minimalist yet high quality accessories without showing off the labels.

#4 Structured Bags Are Always Classy:

There is something about a sharp, structured bag that with a nice shape, that can add a ton of elegance to your appearance. Slouchy bags clothes are not the most impressive looking addition and this rule is understood by the French women perfectly. They get their bags of which the structure will complement the class of their appearance.

#5 Stick To The Neutrals:

A minimal color palette has the ability to make any outfit look chic instantly without any extra effort. French women avoid wearing loud colors often and instead make a statement with their lip color. Sticking to a minimalist and neutral color palette will give you so many options to style your outfits differently in a stylish and effortless way. Blacks, browns, whites, and grey are your ultimate pals throughout all the seasons.

#6 Go Easy On The Jewelry:

As you can tell by now, French fashion pays quite a lot of focus on staying classy and looking sophisticated, which you can easily achieve by adding some minimalist jewelry to your outfit.

French women follow these easy rules to always look prim and proper without overdoing it. You can also stick to these simple rules for looking classy and chic without any hassle and earn tons of compliments every time you head out the door, we bet!