Are you living, leading, or killing your life?

In the general hypocritical world full of greed, and with the monster of capitalism always hovering over us, everyone is running behind wealth thinking that wealth would make them happy. People-to-people relations are being replaced by people-to-machine ones. Our social relations are deteriorating and being thrown down the drain when three people sitting together seem to be more interested in their square screens ogling back at them. Most people are living a hectic life and become machine, neglecting their health. But when their health screams back at them, they start spending the same money on medicines and doctors, which means that they keep struggling in this vicious cycle.

Although material things are a necessity, real happiness comes through loyalty and trust, based on people-to-people relations. Only those people enjoy a happy and spiritually satisfying life, who maintain good person-to-person relations and divide their wealth with others. This general rule of giving to others is often overlooked in bigger, advanced societies, but helping others always makes one happy.

Disclaimer: The anti-capitalist and pro-socialist views and opinions expressed in this book are purely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the narrator.

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