Life is a journey; it can be described as an adventure that is quite distinctive in nature. Just like a rainbow has different colors, every new day is full of possibilities, challenges, opportunities, and people should learn to enjoy each day as it comes. In order to succeed in life and live happily, one should embrace him/herself, learn to stand up for yourself, your beliefs, opinions and be confident, it’s only through that that one is able to shun the negativity that surrounds us day in and day out. Appreciate every moment that comes along, whether good or bad, learn to be still. Every moment in life counts, every experience counts and how an individual perceives it affects him/her. When faced with a challenging moment or a bad experience, appreciate that and learn from it because at the end of the day how we perceive things defines us.

Appreciate the art of parenting, since it’s a task that requires both parents to ensure the safety and prosperity of the kids. As much as it can be tiring, children or rather kids are gifts from God and thus are worth each and every trouble. Instill good values that will help them in their future. For survival and success in this world, individuals should focus on Charles’s Darwin’s theory of survival which focuses on adaptation. Learning how to blend in different environments, different cultures and people allows an individual not only learn new things but also learn how to survive and adjust. As Charles Darwin’s says survival is for the fittest, being fit doesn’t necessarily mean physical fitness but rather mastering the art of blending in and using your abilities to achieve what is needed even in different environments or when faced with challenges.

Life is not Black and white. Life is a Rainbow so enjoy each and every color

Believe in the camaraderie of kindred souls

It’s better to be smart than cute.

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Stand up for yourself, be confident in your opinions and ability

Kids are worth all the trouble.

Stand up for yourself, be confident in your opinions and ability

Learn to be still and appreciate every moment of life

Parenting is a two-person job

Darwin is right to say that Adaptation is survival

Prosperity comes with determination