Leaving a life behind

We all know penguins, these adorable creatures that live thousands of miles from us in freezing Antarctica. We usually see them in our daily lives starring in animated series and even movies, they show us these animals with human emotions, without real worries. We have forgotten that behind what we see on the screen there is an animal that is currently suffering the consequences of the climate crisis, leading many species to be close to extinction. One of these is the emperor penguin, it reached a crucial point in its existence, it is about to disappear. Its habitat has been destroyed, it has no place to nest or survive. How would you feel if your home melted in front of your eyes and you didn’t understand why? The life of these and other animals is in our hands. Being aware and doing nothing is the same as ignoring them and leaving them behind.

Small and shy but streamlined and bold. Unable to fly across the mountains and the sky yet glides gracefully through the greatest ocean’s tides. Nurturer and protector partnering for life, this is the penguin who remains resilient through nature’s strife. We can learn valuable life lessons from the black and white bird of the sea, in which we overcome our challenges, to become all we are meant to be.

Move in the direction of your dreams, even if it is just a little waddle.

No matter how small each step or how long it takes, always focus on achieving your goals and dreams.

Penguins cannot fly but they can do something other birds cannot do, they can swim.

We are all different and each have our own strengths.

A penguin cannot become a giraffe, so just be the best penguin you can be.

You are unique. You are enough in this world so simply be the best version of yourself.

And they will march just as they have done for centuries, ever since the emperor penguin decided to stay, to live and love in the harshest place on Earth.

As humans, no matter the conditions we encounter in our lifetime, we continue to live and to love.

Penguins partner for life and maintain a true connection for eternity. Show loyalty to your commitments and stay connected to your roots much like the penguin.

Stay true to who you are, and you will always feel you belong.