NLFG Videos

Imagine being able to capture your favorite landscapes, garden flowers, wild life or even world scenery? Imagine having to present a video presentation of a product within a click of a button, trying to gauge on how to get good quality videos with an edgy look yet a professional feel, easily accessible and affordable!

  • 30 minutes of video with more than 350 pictures and some of them with video clips.
  • Chris Collins soothing piano music in background.
  • High caliber videos that allows an individual to have a taste of breathtaking moments.
  • Cost friendly and easily accessible

Premiere Images: The high-quality photos with a price that won’t break your budget. Premiere collection comes in set of 5 ,15 and 50.

Prestige Images:  Exclusive and unique photograph collection. Prestige collection comes in set of 5, 10 and 15.

Note: Due to the large file size of videos on this website, downloading videos on a cellular device is not recommended.

Once you order the photos, the process of getting them to your digital device of choice is fast and convenient. Simply click on the images you want, add them to your e-commerce basket, and place the order. You’ll then be given access to a download link, where you’ll be able to download the photos to a laptop, mobile phone, or tablet. And, best of all, the images will come completely watermark-free, making them easy to place anywhere you like. Please contact us at for any difficulties with order download*.

*Photos and Videos are not for resale.

NLFG photographs are taken by professional camera and lenses like LEICA medium format Type 007, redefining sensor format With dimensions of 30 x 45 mm, this sensor is more than 50 per cent larger than that of a 35-mm camera.

As a result, the Leica Pro Format strikes just the right balance between image quality and creative possibilities.

Canon EOS 5D and 5DSR (50 mega pixels) with wide angle and 400 to 600 mm Zoom lens used for detailed landscape and Safari images.

All photographs come in HD, 1080p and 4K ensuring that they will look good on any screen and can be used for any banner or flyer, website promotion, but you
can also use them for slide-shows, video presentations or even for personnel use including home decoration brightening up different rooms of your home or office.

Along with travelling, I also enjoy taking photographs of landscapes and wildlife, historical places etc.
These hobbies serve as stress relievers in my life, since they are great ways to spend my breaks from hospital, work, and studying.

Sunil Kadakia, MD, FACC, FSCAI, CPE