Exclusive Luxury Bedding

One of the pleasures of having your own space is the enjoyment of providing luxury bedding for your sleeping arrangements.  Luxury bedding means different things to different people, but at the very least it means having something special to sleep on.  It doesn’t even have to be expensive.  Luxury bedding can simply be a texture, color, or style you enjoy.

Some people consider the feel of silk sheets to be the ultimate in luxury.  The natural fiber against the skin gives a sensation of elegance like no other.  Silk sheets as an item of luxury bedding needs about the same level of care you provide your silk blouses and scarves.  It’s not something to throw in the regular cycle of the washing machine with hot water.

Silk sheet sets come in a variety of colors and weights and are often sold as part of complete bedding set including sheets, comforter, pillow cases, shams and perhaps even a dust ruffle.  Other silk sheet sets are more tailored in appearance, relying on color and feel to set the tone of the luxury bedding.

Other people choose luxury bedding of Egyptian cotton in Italian designed linens.  The heavy cotton sometimes relies on woven patterns in the fabric to add texture and richness.  These may take the form of stripes of regular and satiny texture in a white on white pattern for example.  The warmth and durability of the quality Egyptian cotton means you can have luxury that wears well and can stand laundering without special handling.

At a minimum luxury bedding will have a high thread count.  Ordinary bedding will have a thread count of 180 to 200.  Luxury bedding might have a thread count of over 1200.  Obviously the higher the thread count, the more luxurious the look and feel of the sheets.

Luxury bedding for many people is satin sheets, they claim to sleep better because when turning or moving on these sheets, they don’t pull at the clothing and skin as some of the regular bedding does.  The drawback to some satin sheets is that they require more care when laundering than do cotton bedding.

Part of the enjoyment of luxury bedding is the wide range of colors available now.  You can find bedding sets in almost any color you can imagine from neon to white and with flowers, stripes, or solid colors.  Theme bedding is available if you want a bit of whimsy with your luxury.


Modern bedding ideas

Modern bedding isn’t just beautiful- it can also be very practical, extremely durable, and quite affordable. Even luxury bedding for the modern bedroom doesn’t have to break your bank account.

Our busy lives today mean there is little time to spend in traditional homemaking. Modern bedding must fit into our modern lifestyles and provide for easy care as well as comfort. After a long day at the office, no one wants to come home and sleep on scratchy bedding. On those precious days off work, no one wants to spend all their time doing laundry and ironing pillow cases so that they have no wrinkles. With today’s modern fabrics, whether it’s 100% Egyptian cotton, or blends, it’s just not necessary to spend lots of time spend caring for your bedding. Of course, doing laundry does take time, but you shouldn’t need to spend any extra time making bedding for the modern bed look nice.

One of the most popular ways to make your bedding modern is to choose Dwell. The Dwell line was created by its designer and founder, Christine Lemieux, in 1999 because she felt there simply were too few modern, colorful, beautiful graphics and other designs in quality bedding for the modern home.

She designs bedding using very bright colors such as lime, butter yellow, chocolate, charcoal, and ocean blue to create patterns like trellis, awning stripes featuring broad, bold striping, thin stripe which uses various widths of striping to create outstanding bedding patterns and dot or cube. Along with these bold graphic patterns, solid sheets and border sheets allow mix and match to create a very modern look for the bedroom.

An fabulous choice in luxury bedding for the modern room comes from Amenity. Using 400 thread count 100% cotton to create the duvet and pillow shams, the Twig design in bright blue peacock or cocoa, uses a solid background to highlight the large graphic of a tree.

Drift is another great design which features a graphic of a dandelion head against the tan or cocoa background. The Amenity Leaf design places large leaves on the solid background colors. The pillow shams for each of these selections are solid in the same color as the background of the duvet. Very modern in appearance, these bedding choices make the modern bedroom’s focal point the bed. This gives a clean, uncluttered look to the bedroom by focusing attention on the bedding with these bold, modern looks.

Nygaard International Home Bedding has a very modern appearance that is so modern it is almost retro!

The Coco bedding from Nygaard uses “urban suede” which is a type of faux suede in large square of cocoa and black to create a great bedding set. The faux suede is created of 97% cotton and 3% spandex resulting in fabric that is soft, plush and the best part is that it is machine washable! The large blocks of color break the bed into quarters and the tailored styling make a bold, modern statement. This top-quality bedding is extremely affordable- the prices are much lower than you would expect for material that looks just like suede.

Western Bedding has created an outstanding modern set of bedding that has a very Zen element.

Using black and white in tailored designs, Western Bedding has created a very striking bedding set. The comforter, created from 50% cotton and 50% polyester has solid black jacquard on one side and the reverse is a black and white graphic print. The geometric jacquard weave provides a sense of texture and is repeated in the bed skirt. The pillow shams are crisply tailored and feature cording details. The sheets and pillow cases are 220 threads count 100% cotton percale in bright white with a black twist cord detail. Add decorative pillows with engineer-sharp geometric appliques and buttons to complete the ensemble.

When decorating with modern style bedding, especially with bold colors and geometrics, it is very important to keep a modern, uncluttered look in the bedroom. Avoid mixing modern linens with antique furnishings- the effect will simply not look attractive. Keep your other items organized and mostly out of site as well to keep with the theme.

Platform beds and waterbeds lend themselves perfectly to modern choices in bedding. If you select a two-color geometric for your bedding, choose modern accessories in those same colors, but also add a few carefully selected accents in another bold, bright color.

For example, if you select Western Bedding’s black and white modern ensemble, consider adding a red throw pillow and a red lamp to your modern black and white bedroom. The effect will be stunning!

The result of having a modern bedroom will be an inviting but crisp, clean bedroom that has you feeling more organized and on top of the world!