6 Wardrobe Must Haves for Every Stylish Man

A man’s fashion sense describes a lot about his personality and lifestyle. The leading fashion designer backs this fact by his saying, “Dressing well is a form of good manners.” A lot of people have a burden on their head of always looking up to the mark to fit in their environment but trust us, it is not that difficult if you have your wardrobe essentials. To help you revamp your closet, here is the list of 6 clothing items every man needs in his wardrobe to make a statement every day.

#1 A Structured Blazer:

A blazer is less formal than a coat and more formal than a hoodie which makes it the perfect clothing item to wear to work every day. A structured blazer in a vibrant color can add a ton of class and elegance to your overall appearance and make you look up to date in an instant.

#2 Well Fitted Pants:

Sweatpants are all cool and comfy, but there is something really sophisticated about a well-fitted pair of pants. Go for neutral colors like khaki, black, grey, and brown to match it with the shirts you already own. Well fitted pants make your whole look a lot more polished and put together.

#3 A Few Classy Ties:

Obviously, we cannot forget the most important accessory for men. A nice slim tie can elevate your whole outfit up a notch. It makes you look like a gentleman instantly, which is a bonus. You do not have to spend a fortune of ties, just buy a few nice colors in classy fabrics like silk or jacquard and you’re good to go.

#4 Trendy Pair of Sunglasses:

Sunglasses are a must have if you live somewhere where it is mostly sunny throughout the year. It does not only protect your eyes from the sun but also transform your whole look instantly. Sunglasses add a finishing touch to your overall look and add a Hollywood kind of oomph to your appearance. How cool is that!


#5 Neutral Button Up Shirt:

There is literally no event where you can’t rock a nice button up shirt. Having a few neutral colored buttons up shirts that are tailored according to your size is going to help you look perfect no matter where you wear them. These shirts work with both formal and informal bottoms, making it easier to pair with different outfits for different occasions.

#6 A Pair of Oxford Shoes:

Finally, an elegant pair of oxford shoes is a must have in every stylish man’s closet. These classy shoes are perfect for all the formal occasions like important business events, interviews, prom, or weddings. Basically, any dressy occasion you will have in your life, these shoes will be by your side.

With these simple yet versatile fashion pieces, you can create tons of outfits for daily wear and look fashionably up to date without overdoing it.