A fresh look at ” Power Dressing ” Dress for success The way you look and dress is the first hint about your personality, attitude, and self-respect. Your appearance is the business card of the place you work and your role in the business you’re in.  The power dressing concept dates to 1975 when John Molloy ” Dress for success ” unleashed the concept of casual dressing and increased creativity in the work environment.  Dress for success is a 1975 book by John T. Molloy about the effect of dressing on a person’s success in business and personal life. It was followed in 1977 by The Women’s Dress for Success Book.  People unconsciously associate your dressing and how you wear it with your confidence, your drive, and ability to fit in.  Spending time to coordinate your dress with accessories, to polish your look with makeup or to go to extra length in wearing hills reflect creativity and willingness to achieve as well as respect for the people you meet.  Your look speaks confidence and drives the respect you receive from others  The dress code for women is prone to more critique than for men; makeup, jewelry, perfume, and the length of skirt have been subjected to many changes over the years as an appropriate work dress code. As women gained equal roles as men in workplaces, a radical change in the workwear code appeared. The “do it all ” professional woman ” creates a look that’s businesslike and empathically too. A ” signature look” that gives authenticity, inspires confidence, and drives authority.  The new look in 2017 is no longer the old skirt and blazer suit with padded, large shoulders in solid dark colors.  A suit with skinny pants and tailored blazer, either short or very long, with patterns or in live colors, accessorized by a scarf, belt or jewelry . The simple white shirt has faux – leather collar and colorful buttons or flies down your silhouette asymmetrically. The skirt is not shifting loosely but embraces your hips in a pencil or wiggle style, matching your shoes or your purse.  Irina Staicu, MD, RPVI, ABVLM Diplomat